Return Man 2

Return Man 2

Ready! Set! We currently have a spin off to the Return Man game! Coming back now as Return Man 2. This time it is muddier than ever before. Play football stars, catch the ball and then return the ball to the end-zone for a winning touchdown! Well, what else can we say about this amazing game? Have a lot of fun and don’t get too dirty!

Game play

Return Man 2 Imagine Return Man 2 is on a 21-21 tie and has been thrown to overtime. The opposing team is about to kick the ball. Your task will be to catch the ball within the yellow circle and run it downfield up to the end-zone without receiving any tackle. However, you’ve to watch out for huge mud puddles on the way. These will normally slow your pace! Within the game play, you’ll find items which look like lightning stars or bolts. Try collecting these items! The lightning bolts shall briefly boost your speed while stars shall give you additional points on top of the final scores! Obtain high scores so as to get your name on the Leaderboards! On the slippery snowfields, when you have to stop running, make sure that you account for your slipping on the way. Try to time your stopping-times properly so as to stop within the yellow circle and not very far ahead of those circles. Each and every time that you receive any tackle, you’ll lose possession. In case you lose 4 possessions, you will ultimately lose the game thus you will have to begin the same level all over. Don’t worry though because the stage progress is normally saved therefore it is not a complete loss.


The player controls in the game are quite unusual as compared to the other flash games. Instead of playing using the S, A, W, D keys while directing the character towards the directions that you wish him to head to, you’ll use the, J, I, L, K buttons. Additionally, you can also press the spacebar in case you wish to continue with your game. Press the M key when you wish to mute the sound effect. Once you have completed a certain level in future levels and stages use:

· A to Spin.

· S for Speed Burst.

· D for Front Flip


Stages and Levels

There are various stages in this game and every stage has several levels which you have to complete so as to unlock the subsequent stages. As every stage progression gets harder, every level progression also gets harder as well! You may find your football heroes slipping and sliding across the fields like ice skaters in some stages. Return man 2 is a very great game for better gaming experience!


Happy Wheels Hacked Flash Game with new options

Happy Wheels HackedDo you have a passion for playing flash games that involve physics and lots of blood and gore? If so you are going to love Happy Wheels Hacked. The game is packed with action with the only rule being that you have to stay alive and make it out of the exit. Of course with the hacked version of the game it does make you invincible, which does help, but the game would not be the same without all the blood and gore so which you don’t actually die you can lose limbs.

Game Instructions
Before beginning your quest to stay alive and get out of the exit you will need to choose the racer you want to go with. All of them are ill-prepared for the quest but with unlimited health luck could be on your side. Characters include a father and son who take a bike ride, an old man in a wheelchair or a man pushing a shopping cart. Play the game and take your character over arenas that are sure to challenge, ride up and down hills that are steep, go over bridges, try to avoid the many stones scattered in your path and avoid falling into the deep ravine. Take great care every step of the way or risk being hurt; mangled or even worse enduring a painful death in Happy Wheels hacked.

Start out with the Obstacle Course, it’s the easiest, then move on to the Gut Bus Extreme and the BMA Park II if you dare take them on. Other courses include the Snowy Mountain Final, Dawn of the Dead, TrapTrac and Rope Swings, where you give up your vehicle and have to rely on your bare hands to swing your way through the level. All of these are just a few of the featured levels out of the many. Of course you can also check out level replays and relive all the blood and gore to your hearts content.

Game Controls
This is a game that is very easy to get into but not one that is so easy to stop playing. You will find yourself having just one more try if you fail. All you need to do is guide your character using the arrow keys on your keyboard, with other game controls being the Z key to eject, the SPACE bar is used as the primary action and the CTRL and Shift keys taking care of the secondary actions.